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BSN NO Xplode Review

Author: Dominick Walsh of Performance Nutrition

This week I'll be reviewing a well known supplement, BSN's NO Xplode.  If you haven't heard of this product then you probably don't get out from under the rock you live under too often.  BSN has done an excellent job marketing this and all their products, I mean, who hasn't tried NO Xplode?  At first glance this pre-workout powder contains all the ingredients that makes up most strength building, pump enhancing, energy producing powders.  BSN uses a couple different kinds of creatine with creatine ethyl ester being the main source.  Ethyl ester creatines are supposed to reduce water retention with an increased absorbability and work well with some people but in my experience its kind of been hit and miss.  In addition to a healthy dose of caffeine, NO Xplode uses various amino acids such as L-tyrosine and taurine to enhance energy levels.  This is what the user "feels" when he takes this product.  Although caffeine and other various stimulants are great for a kick in the ass before the gym it doesn't necesserily translate to size or strength gains.  In fact studies show that high doses of stimulants can actually release cortisol into the bloodstream.  Cortisol is a stress hormone and is catabolic in nature which can hault muscle growth.  The nitric oxide component of NO Xplode is quite interesting.  In addition to a few oddball, unstudied compounds, BSN uses L-arginine AKG and two types of citrulline to increase the pump effect of working out.  Nitric oxide is sythesized from these compounds.  This combination works well if dosed correctly.  Thats where this formula gets a little hazey.  The extensive list of ingredients is labeled as a total of about 18 grams in a proprietary blend.  There are about 30 ingredients in NO Xplode which begs the question "Is anything in the right dosing?" and "Are these exotic compounds even proven?"  It's tough to tell.  I do believe that this product will give you energy due to the stimulant content and it will pump you up but I think its more from the massive amounts of sodium they add to the powder (bloat pump).  NO Xplode wouldn't be my first choice for a pre-workout powder but it definately deserves a fair chance.

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