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Isopure Protein Review

Author: Dominick of Performance Nutrition

Isopure Protein is a pure whey isolate protein.  It is manufactured using a process known as ion exchange which separates the protein from the lactose, carbs and other less desirable components. 

Isopure protein is one of the highest quality proteins commercially available.  Whey Isolates have a high rate of absorption and are efficient at increasing protein synthesis and creating an anabolic environment.  The rapid rate of absorption makes these proteins ideal for use immediately before or after a workout.  The rapid rate of absorption can also be a limitation under some conditions.  Used at other times other than immediate pre or post workout and most users of Isopure find that they are hungry within a short period of time. 

Isopure protein as well as any isolate protein tend not to be very satisfying (filling) proteins.  As a result of the rapid absorption Isopure Protein is metabolized by the body very quickly leaving a small wind of time in which the protein is feeding the muscle tissue.

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